Best Gifts for Crafters

Best Gifts for Crafters

The best gifts for crafters come in boxes of all sizes… and this one is the gift that keeps on giving! Coastal Crafts’ limited edition kits and monthly subscription boxes let the crafter in your life create a piece of boho beaded jewelry to wear every day, plus learn the skills to develop their new favorite hobby. 

Crafters love our monthly subscription box, with new jewelry designs each month. Never make the same thing twice, and create jewelry you can use for years to come! Our limited edition kits are a mix of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, curated in small batches with limited inventory, based on previous months of our subscription boxes. Choose the design your favorite crafter will love the most, purchase the one-time kit, and we can ship it straight to their door. Each kit comes with materials, instructions, and a video tutorial to walk you through the design process step by step. 

Without further ado, read on for the best gifts for crafters!

Best Gifts for Minimalist Crafters


The minimalist crafters in your life will appreciate our limited edition kits with clean lines and classic materials. Gold, pearl, and neutral tones match every outfit, so you never have to take your favorite jewelry pieces off.

Nantucket Necklace - Coastal Crafts

Nantucket Necklace


The Nantucket Necklace features freshwater pearls accented with gold plated spacer beads, held together with a gold toggle clasp. The toggle in front makes this necklace so unique and unconventional when paired with classic pearls! Shop the Nantucket Necklace kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/nantucket-necklace/

Styled Gold Pearl Bracelet - Del Mar Bracelet

Del Mar Bracelet


The Del Mar Bracelet will never go out of style. How can you go wrong with stylish and trendy gold-filled paperclip chain? You can’t! Wear it to brunch with the girls, a wedding, date night, or even a business meeting! Shop the Del Mar Bracelet kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/del-mar-bracelet/

La Jolla Lariat Minimalist Beaded Jewelry Kit

La Jolla Lariat 


The La Jolla lariat takes freshwater pearls out of their traditional comfort zone. Strung on “faux” leather lace that comfortably wraps around the neck or wrist, these pearls become casual and easy to wear everyday, all the while “keeping it classy.” Shop the La Jolla Lariat kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/la-jolla-lariat-kit/


Best Gifts for Ocean-Loving Crafters


Take a piece of the beach with you everywhere with these ocean-inspired jewelry craft kits.

Coronado Necklace Beaded Jewelry Kit

Coronado Necklace


The Coronado Necklace features a row of apatite gemstone beads wired into the middle of a delicate gold-filled chain. This dainty necklace can stand on her own but pairs beautifully with the pieces you wear every day. Shop the Coronado Necklace kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/coronado-necklace/

Malibu Bracelet Stack - Coastal Crafts Jewelry Kit

Malibu Bracelet Stack


The Malibu Bracelet Stack has turquoise stones with facets that create a subtle sparkle, accented with an abalone shell bead. No doubt you’ll wear this stack anytime you want to invoke the beauty and serenity of the sea. Shop the Malibu Bracelet Stack kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/malibu-bracelet-stack/

Wind & Sea Bracelet - Seaglass Beaded Bracelet Kit

Wind & Sea Bracelet


The Wind & Sea Bracelet features glass beads made from recycled glass bottles in Ghana, using a centuries-old technique. They look and feel like seaglass treasures that washed up on the shore. Shop the Wind & Sea Bracelet kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/wind-and-sea-kit/


Best Gifts for Colorful Crafters


Does your crafter bring the party? Give them a gift that matches their personality with unique, colorful beaded jewelry.

Seabright Necklace Finished DIY Necklace - Jewelry Making Kit by Coastal Crafts

Seabright Necklace


Multi-colored recycled glass beads from the Krobo tribe in Ghana make up half of the trendy and colorful Seabright Necklace. The other half is a combination of crisp white glass beads and white seed beads. This piece pops with any outfit and is sure to conjure up Fiesta de Carnaval vibes. Shop the Seabright Necklace kit here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/seabright-necklace/

Pismo Hoop Earrings - Beaded Earring Kit

Pismo Hoop Earrings


Fun, flirty, and festive! The Pismo Hoop Earrings include up-cycled vinyl beads from Ghana and a three-tiered tassel. Shop the Pismo Hoops here: https://coastalcrafts.co/product/pismo-hoop-earring/

Santa Monica Necklace - Best Gifts for Crafters

Santa Monica Necklace


The Santa Monica Necklace is inspired by sunsets over the Pacific, with warm pinks, tans, and pops of orange. The Santa Monica Necklace is one of the best gifts for crafters and comes in our November 2021 monthly subscription box. It includes everything you need to make a fresh, vibrant necklace. Here’s what’s inside: 

  • 18” Autumnal colored vinyl beads
  • 1 Baroque shaped Fresh Water Pearl
  • 4 Gold filled round beads
  • 1 yard beading wire
  • 4 Gold filled crimping beads
  • 1 gold filled necklace clasp

About Our Monthly Subscription Box


Coastal Crafts started during 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, with the goal of creating a community of crafters and jewelry makers. With so much stress and computer time in the modern world, it’s a welcome mental getaway to tap into your creativity and work with your hands!

Each month, our designer creates a new boutique-style jewelry design. At the beginning of the month, the kit of the month is shipped directly to your door with all of the beads and supplies you need, plus a video tutorial with instructions. You can sign up and cancel any time, so there are never any hidden surprises – just lots of beautiful beads and a fun activity! Look forward to a new design every month, while rocking your signature pieces from past months. There’s something for everyone with our DIY boho jewelry.

Past monthly subscription boxes included beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You’ll never make the same thing twice, unless you want to, of course! View our limited edition jewelry kits here.

Want to shop the Santa Monica Necklace for the crafter in your life? Purchase our monthly subscription box any time during September to get your gold pearl bracelet kit!

Monthly Jewelry Making Subscription

$39.95 / month

This is the monthly jewelry making kit subscription that comes right to your door with everything you need to make a beautiful piece of boutique style jewelry!

Check out the video tutorials that are included with each kit!

See the previously released kits in the product gallery

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Welcome to Coastal Crafts, a monthly subscription box designed for anyone interested in making, wearing and gifting boutique style jewelry.

We use unique beads from around the world, natural gemstones, and precious metals to elevate the look and feel of each piece.

An exclusive video tutorial comes with each kit and is available on our website.

Subscribe today for our DIY jewelry kit complete with supplies and instructions delivered to your door in eco friendly packaging.

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