Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – La Jolla Lariat

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – La Jolla Lariat

Looking for creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her? Swap the flowers for the gift that keeps on giving with a jewelry-making subscription box. Jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day will never go out of style, and this year you can try a creative take on the classic with our make-your-own necklace kit.

Our La Jolla Lariat is the jewelry design of the month for February 2022, and it’s perfect for everything from a statement necklace on Valentine’s date night to a laid-back bracelet your favorite person will love. Featuring freshwater pearls and clear quartz against faux suede lace, the La Jolla Lariat adds class and coastal charm to any outfit.

Clear quartz is also known as a “master healer” crystal that balances chakras, clears the mind, and amplifies any energy you want to put out into the world. If you’re looking to put more love out into the world, the clear quartz in our La Jolla Lariat is up to the job… And what’s a more perfect gift on Valentine’s Day than to amplify the love between you and your Valentine?

If your girlfriend, wife, or mom loves jewelry, gift something new for Valentine’s Day this year. There’s no better way to let your Valentine know you care than by noticing what they enjoy and encouraging them to do it. So if the ladies in your life love jewelry and crafts, we have the perfect, creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

Finally! A jewelry making kit that’s stylish and trendy, just like your Valentine.

Creative Valentines Day Gifts for Her

What Comes in the La Jolla Lariat Kit

The La Jolla Lariat comes in our February 2022 monthly subscription box, and includes everything you need to make this coastal-inspired lariat necklace. Here’s what’s inside:

What comes with the kit:

  • 9 freshwater pearls
  • 1.5 yards “faux” suede lace
  • 2 quartz crystal points
  • 1ft. Sterling silver wire
  • Makes 1 lariat


From our Designer, Angela

The La Jolla Lariat takes freshwater pearls out of their traditional comfort zone. Strung on “faux” leather lace that comfortably wraps around the neck or wrist, these pearls become casual and easy to wear everyday, all while “keeping it classy.” I love the versatility of this Lariat – a necklace without a clasp – that can be worn 3 different ways (as a bracelet or necklace etc). And it’s easy for beginners just starting out or for seasoned crafters looking for a new design! I also love the natural elements of quartz crystal and freshwater pearls.


Coastal Crafts started during 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, with the goal of creating a community of crafters and jewelry makers. With so much stress and computer time in the modern world, it’s a welcome mental getaway to tap into your creativity and work with your hands!

Each month, our designer creates a new boutique-style jewelry design. At the beginning of the month, the kit of the month is shipped directly to your door with all of the beads and supplies you need, plus a video tutorial with instructions. You can sign up and cancel any time, so there are never any hidden surprises – just lots of beautiful beads and a fun activity! Look forward to a new design every month, while rocking your signature pieces from past months. There’s something for everyone with our DIY boho jewelry.

Past monthly subscription boxes included beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You’ll never make the same thing twice, unless you want to, of course! View our limited edition jewelry kits here.

Want to shop creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her? Purchase our monthly subscription box any time during February to design the La Jolla Lariat!

Monthly Jewelry Making Subscription

$39.95 / month

This is the monthly jewelry making kit subscription that comes right to your door with everything you need to make a beautiful piece of boutique style jewelry!

Check out the video tutorials that are included with each kit!

See the previously released kits in the product gallery

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Welcome to Coastal Crafts, a monthly subscription box designed for anyone interested in making, wearing and gifting boutique style jewelry.

We use unique beads from around the world, natural gemstones, and precious metals to elevate the look and feel of each piece.

An exclusive video tutorial comes with each kit and is available on our website.

Subscribe today for our DIY jewelry kit complete with supplies and instructions delivered to your door in eco friendly packaging.

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