Gold Pearl Bracelet: Timeless & Trendy

Gold Pearl Bracelet: Timeless & Trendy

A gold pearl bracelet is hard to beat because it combines these two timeless and trendy materials. Gold and pearls add class to any outfit, and can easily take you from day to night. With our newest month of DIY jewelry boxes, our Del Mar Bracelet with gold and pearls is on trend and ready to stand the test of time. 

This bracelet is half freshwater pearl and half gold-filled paperclip chain. Because the beauty of this bracelet speaks for itself, let’s dive into some FAQs about gold and pearls!

Del Mar Bracelet with Gold & Pearls - Packaging - Coastal Crafts Gold Pearl Styled Del Mar Bracelet by Coastal Crafts


Freshwater Pearls


Freshwater pearls come from mussels, and are grown over 2-7 years. The beauty of the freshwater pearls in our Del Mar Bracelet (aside from their obvious shine and traditional pearly-white color), is in the small, natural variations in shape and size. Because pearls are grown layer by layer, they have slight variations in size and texture that add visual interest. Basically, they’re beautiful in their imperfection!

Pearls are found in riverbeds, lakes, and creek bottoms – anywhere mussels can grow. Because pearls are natural materials that grow in freshwater locations, they have been prized by royalty for centuries. There’s evidence of royalty wearing pearls as far back as Ancient Egypt and Rome, and more recently, modern icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn favored strands of pearls.

The modern freshwater pearl industry began in the 1900s and continues to thrive today… Which allows us to offer our DIY gold pearl bracelets!


Gold-Filled vs Solid Gold


Before we go on, here’s a quick refresher on the difference between gold-filled jewelry and solid gold. Our Del Mar Bracelet comes with a gold-filled paperclip chain, so we’ll explain a few benefits of the gold fill!

Gold-filled bracelets have a thick layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal, making it stronger and more durable for everyday wear. Solid gold by itself is a soft metal that can scratch easily. By using gold-filled paperclip chains in our Del Mar Bracelets, you get the benefit of solid gold’s color and class, plus the durability to wear your bracelet daily!


What Comes in the Del Mar Bracelet kit


The Del Mar Bracelet comes in our September 2021 monthly subscription box, and includes everything you need to make a gold pearl bracelet. Here’s what’s inside: 

  • 3 inches gold filled paperclip chain
  • 3 inches freshwater pearls
  • 1 toggle clasp
  • 10 inches beading wire
  • 4 crimp beads
  • 2 crimp bead covers


From our Designer, Angela


I’m 100 percent sure that this 50/50 bracelet will never go out of style.  How can you go wrong with stylish and trendy gold-filled paperclip chain?  You can’t!  Especially when it has freshwater pearls attached to it.  How easy is it to wear everyday? The closure is a toggle….so… super easy. I can wear mine to brunch with the girls, a wedding, date night, or even a business meeting! 


About our Monthly Subscription Box


Coastal Crafts started during 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, with the goal of creating a community of crafters and jewelry makers. With so much stress and computer time in the modern world, it’s a welcome mental getaway to tap into your creativity and work with your hands!

Each month, our designer creates a new boutique-style jewelry design. At the beginning of the month, the kit of the month is shipped directly to your door with all of the beads and supplies you need, plus a video tutorial with instructions. You can sign up and cancel any time, so there are never any hidden surprises – just lots of beautiful beads and a fun activity! Look forward to a new design every month, while rocking your signature pieces from past months. There’s something for everyone with our DIY boho jewelry.

Past monthly subscription boxes included beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You’ll never make the same thing twice, unless you want to, of course! View previous monthly jewelry kits here.

Want to shop the Del Mar Bracelet? Purchase our monthly subscription box any time during September to get your gold pearl bracelet kit!

Monthly Jewelry Making Subscription

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This is the monthly jewelry making kit subscription that comes right to your door with everything you need to make a beautiful piece of boutique style jewelry!

Check out the video tutorials that are included with each kit!

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Welcome to Coastal Crafts, a monthly subscription box designed for anyone interested in making, wearing and gifting boutique style jewelry.

We use unique beads from around the world, natural gemstones, and precious metals to elevate the look and feel of each piece.

An exclusive video tutorial comes with each kit and is available on our website.

Subscribe today for our DIY jewelry kit complete with supplies and instructions delivered to your door in eco friendly packaging.

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