Resolutions are hard, jewelry making doesn’t have to be…

Resolutions are hard, jewelry making doesn’t have to be…

Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. What do we give up and leave behind? What do we invite in and foster? It can be hard to pick a resolution for fear we will not accomplish or stick with it. I’ve got a solution for your resolution.

Making Jewelry is a hobby that taps into our creative side. For many of us, being more creative and finding a hobby are at the top of our resolution lists year after year. Where do I start? What will this cost me? How much time will I need to dedicate to this? Can I really do it?


Coastal Crafts jewelry making kits are designed with all of these questions in mind.

We offer over 20 styles of jewelry making kits on our website that you can easily scroll through and choose the project you like. If you have never made jewelry before we have a 5 piece starter tool kit. Everything you need to make any of our kits is compiled in this carefully curated tool kit. Once your kits have been delivered to you, all you need to do is choose a comfortable place to begin your new hobby and commit about 45 minutes per jewelry project. In your jewelry making kit you will find a merchandising card that includes a picture of the finished project, a list of supplies and a QR code that when scanned will take you to a step by step instructional video tutorial. Each kit has findings, string and wires that will be needed for that specific project, so there is no need to source or purchase additional items as you do with other crafting kits. Our video instructions are easy to follow and are full of pro tips . you can really do it!

What we love the most about our kits is wearing or gifting the jewelry we’ve created. When people ask about it we get to answer, “I made it!” We feel accomplished and we didn’t spend a fortune in time or money to achieve the results.


Get started on your new hobby today by trying out the featured kit of the month: The Malibu Bracelet Stack.

Turquoise is a semiprecious stone with an opaque greenish-blue hue. It gives off tranquil, calming vibes with its water like qualities. These turquoise beads have been faceted on all sides to create a subtle sparkle, they will be the perfect accent to the abalone shell bracelet that makes up the third in our stack. Wear these bracelets anytime you want to invoke the beauty and serenity of the sea.

What comes in the kit:

  • 1 strand faceted turquoise beads
  • 1 abalone shell bead
  • 2 faceted silver beads
  • 1 silver adjustable bracelet chain
  • 1 yard elastic
  • 1 foot sterling silver wire

Starter Tool Kit

This starter kit includes our faves! A bead board to help you organize, design, and measure your jewelry projects; round nose pliers to make loops and links; chain nose pliers to grip and crimp; cutters to cut through silk, softflex, and wire; and bead stoppers to hold it all together. Hop onto the website to watch how we use these items on the daily!


Jewelry Making Kit by Coastal Crafts in Solana Beach California

What comes in the kit:

  • 1 Flocked bead board
  • 1 Pair cutters
  • 1 Round nose plier
  • 1 Chain Nose plier
  • 2 Bead stoppers

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