Silver Strand Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace

Silver Strand Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace

Sterling silver beaded necklaces come in many different shapes and styles – and this floating beaded necklace is versatile enough to wear any way you’d like. Our August necklace kit takes its inspiration from the coast in the form of abalone shell beads and fluorite gemstones, to bring in beachy blues, purples, and teals.

In our Silver Strand Necklace, abalone shells and gemstones have a subtle shine and reflect light alongside the sterling silver chain. The combination of metal and natural textures in this sterling silver beaded necklace makes our August DIY jewelry kit a special reminder of beach days as we approach the end of summer. With multiple ways to wear this necklace, like many of our pieces, it can be worn long (looped once around the neck), or wrapped twice for a shorter necklace or layered look.

What makes this the perfect sterling silver beaded necklace?

Sterling silver is more durable than pure silver since it’s a mixed metal – which means it’s ideal for making jewelry. While the Silver Strand Necklace itself feels dainty, you can rest assured that the strength of sterling silver makes it durable enough for wearing daily.

Abalone shell beads, sometimes referred to mother-of-pearl in jewelry, are a constant reminder of the sea. Abalone has been used for centuries to make beads, fishhooks and decorative items by Native American tribes in the Channel Islands and along the coast of California, and the long tradition continues with this sterling silver beaded necklace. Natural variations in the color and pattern of abalone shells make each bead unique, so your final necklace will be one-of-a-kind.

Silver Strand Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace

What Comes in the Silver Strand Necklace Kit


In the Silver Strand Necklace, beads lay flat against your skin on a sterling silver beading chain, giving the illusion of floating on the chain – as if they were floating in the water the necklace is inspired by.

Here’s what comes in the August kit:

  • 30” Sterling Silver beading chain
  • 2 sterling silver end caps
  • 1 sterling silver spring ring clasp
  • 20 sterling silver crimp beads
  • 4 abalone shell beads
  • 3” faceted fluorite gemstone beads


From our Designer, Angela

The Silver Strand Necklace is quite literally a long strand of sterling silver. Abalone and fluorite beads are stationed in place using crimp beads every couple inches, allowing the sterling chain to flow and sparkle. With Abalone originating from the sea, and Fluorite stemming from the Latin word fleure, which means ”to flow,” this Necklace is sure to transport you to the seaside.




Coastal Crafts started during 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, with the goal of creating a community of crafters and jewelry makers. With so much stress and computer time in the modern world, it’s a welcome mental getaway to tap into your creativity and work with your hands!

Each month, our designer creates a new boutique-style jewelry design. At the beginning of the month, the kit of the month is shipped directly to your door with all of the beads and supplies you need, plus a video tutorial with instructions. You can sign up and cancel any time, so there are never any hidden surprises – just lots of beautiful beads and a fun activity! Look forward to a new design every month, while rocking your signature pieces from past months. There’s something for everyone with our cute, beachy necklaces.

Past monthly subscription boxes included beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You’ll never make the same thing twice, unless you want to, of course! View our limited edition jewelry kits here.

Can’t wait to make a sterling silver beaded necklace? Sign up for our monthly subscription box any time during August to design the Silver Strand Necklace!

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Welcome to Coastal Crafts, a monthly subscription box designed for anyone interested in making, wearing and gifting boutique style jewelry.

We use unique beads from around the world, natural gemstones, and precious metals to elevate the look and feel of each piece.

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