Solana Necklace

What comes in the box

  • 1 strand sunstone gemstones
  • 1 adjustable gold chain necklace closure
  • 1 white freshwater pearl bead
  • 1 yard beading wire
  • 4 gold filled crimping beads
  • 1 gold filled headpin

Sunstone is the star of the show in this month’s necklace making kit. Copper inclusions give off a shimmering effect that will set your neck aglow! Sunstone is a showstopper, but in a soft subtle way. The color palette is peachy- nude with a rose- gold glow. The FreshWater Pearl charm keeps the vibe coastal and current. Oh! Last but certainly not least , the chain closure features a sliding bead that easily adjusts your necklace from 16”-24”. This Necklace being neutral in color and a one size fits all, is perfect to gift for the holidays! So cozy up and get crafty!

Seabright Necklace

What comes in the box

  • Multi-color Ghana glass
  • Orange “white hearts”
  • White recycled glass
  • Enamel clasp + S.S. ring
  • Beading wire
  • Sterling silver crimping beads
  • Makes 1 necklace

This 50/50 necklace is 100% in style. Multi- color recycled glass beads from the Krobo tribe in Ghana make up half of this trendy choker. In between those beads we use smaller orange beads that have a white center, aptly named, “white hearts”. The other half of the Seabright Necklace is a combination of crisp white glass beads and smaller white seed beads from Ghana. We love a unique clasp, and the enamel one we’ve included in this kit is the exclamation point on this necklace! This piece pops with any outfit and is sure to conjure up Fiesta de Carnaval vibes.

Santa Cruz Set

What comes in the box

  • ½ Strand fresh water Pearls
  • 1 Turquoise tube bead
  • 2 Gold- fill 4mm beads
  • 2 Gold bezel turquoise teardrop charms
  • 1 Gold-fill toggle clasp
  • 1 Pair Gold- fill huggie hoop earrings
  • 4 Crimp beads
  • 1 Foot beading wire

Yes, we are into sets! We like having a pair of earrings that go with a bracelet. They are not made with the exact same components, but they both include turquoise and gold filled findings. Pearls are the main ingredient for the bracelet, and for the earrings, a small gold-filed huggie hoop featuring a gold bezel turquoise teardrop. This set s for those of us who need a pop of color to wear with our gold jewelry. We think you can enjoy this set from the docks to the desert!

Silver Strand Necklace

What comes in the box

    • 30” Sterling Silver beading chain
    • 2 sterling silver end caps
    • 1 sterling silver spring ring clasp
    • 20 sterling silver crimp beads
    • 4 abalone shell beads
    • 3” faceted fluorite gemstone beads

The Silver Strand Necklace is quite literally a long strand of sterling silver. Abalone and fluorite beads are stationed in place using crimp beads every couple inches, allowing the sterling chain to flow and sparkle. With Abalone originating from the sea, and Fluorite stemming from the Latin word fleure, which means ”to flow”, this Necklace is sure to transport you to the seaside.

Leucadia Necklace

What comes in the box

    • 6 bone beads
    • 5 seafoam Ghana glass beads
    • 1 African woven brass pendant bead
    • 2 African brass accent beads
    • 1 strand sandy white seed beads
    • 4 gold filled crimping beads
    • 1 yard heavy beading wire
    • 1 large gold filled hook and eye clasp

The Leucadia Necklace is the definition of coastal style. Seafoam green recycled Ghana glass beads paired with sandy white seed beads flow together effortlessly into a long lariat style Necklace. African brass beads warm up this piece and give it a tribal bohemian look. The neutral color palette is sure to go with just about any outfit!

Neptune Bracelet

What comes in the box

    • 6 inches Blue Glass beads
    • 3 inches Silver hematite saucers
    • 1 large Baroque Pearl
    • 1 yard elastic string

The Neptune Bracelet is bold, blue, and begging to be worn all summer long. Blue and white patterned African glass rings are accented with shiny silver hematite saucer beads. The Neptune Bracelet is not complete until you string on a beautiful Baroque Pearl. Giving Coastal Chic Vibes!

Calafia Necklace

What comes in the box

    • 24 Mother of Pearl beads
    • 15 Coral beads
    • 35 Sterling silver beads
    • 2 feet beading wire
    • 4 sterling silver crimping beads
    • 1 sterling silver magnetic clasp

Mother of Pearl is strong, resilient and iridescent. It is no accident that I chose to release this necklace in May, the month we celebrate mothers. These qualities represent moms of all types:

Coral – peace and transformation
Mother of Pearl – protection, strength and endurance
Sterling Silver – moon energy, patience, perseverance and protection

This necklace design includes pinkish-orange Coral and gray Mother of Pearl, sterling silver beads and an easy to manage magnetic clasp. She’s all the things! You’ll want this mother of all necklaces with you all the time!

Montauk Necklace

What comes in the box

  • 1 adjustable satin rope cord closure
  • 5” White stone chevron beads
  • 5” Blue sodalite beads
  • 1 gold seashell
  • 2 feet beading wire
  • 4 gold filled crimping beads

All Aboard! The Montauk Necklace is ready to set sail. Giving us major nautical vibes, this necklace features Navy Blue sodalite and white stone chevron beads complete with a gold seashell and satin rope adjustable closure. Wear this necklace as a choker with your bathing suit or slide it down and wear her long over a cable knit sweater. We love all the ways you can style the Montauk Necklace. Bon Voyage!

Monterrey Necklace

What comes in the box

  • 1 strand peridot
  • 1 gold tube
  • 1 yd. Beading wire
  • 4 crimp beads
  • 2 crimp covers
  • 1 hook and eye clasp

Peridot is a Gemstone often associated with the sun. It is said to give off warmth, and an overall sense of well being and protection to the wearer. These peridot beads sparkle with elegance, all the while remaining neutral and organic in their pale green color. The addition of a brushed gold tube gives this necklace rich, prosperous vibes. We love the look of gold and peridot, it is truly a timeless combination.

Seaside Earrings

What comes in the box

  • 1 pair of Sterling Silver earring posts
  • 6” of Sterling Silver pearl chain
  • 3.5” of Sterling Silver apatite chain
  • 6 Sterling Silver jump rings

A truly unique earring set that will have people questioning how you made them! Sterling Silver crescent shaped earring posts serve as a “hanger” for petite freshwater pearls and apatite gemstones that resemble tumbled sea glass. These earrings are so versatile. I like to think they speak seaside elegance and also laid back beach BBQ.

Hermosa Adjustable Bracelets

What comes in the box

  • 3 adjustable bracelet cords
  • 2”  faceted garnet gemstone beads
  • 2” faceted kyanite gemstone beads
  • 2” faceted onyx gemstone beads
  • 1 yard beading wire
  • 10 crimping beads

By the time you complete all 3 bracelets in this kit, your besties will all be begging for one! Go ahead and share because they are adjustable and one size fits all!  These silk cords are soft and comfortable and feature an adjustable slide closure.  Each bracelet showcases  2” of sparkling precious gemstone beads.  Have fun customizing your cord colors with your gemstones and good luck deciding which one to keep! 

Santa Monica Necklace

What comes in the box

  • 18” Autumnal colored vinyl beads
  • 1 Baroque shaped Fresh Water Pearl
  • 4 Gold filled round beads
  • 1 yard beading wire
  • 4 Gold filled crimping beads
  • 1 gold filled necklace clasp

Sunsets over the pacific are what come to mind when I look at the Santa Monica Necklace. Warm pinks and tans with pops of orange, all blend together to create the perfect backdrop for an organic Baroque shaped freshwater pearl to showcase her beauty. Pop her in the middle of your necklace or string her up on the side, the design is up to you! Just make sure to include the gold beads on either side for a seamless transition.

Moonlight Bracelet Stack

What comes in the box

  • 1 strand 8mm quartz crystal beads
  • 8 gold-filled spacer beads 
  • 1 freshwater pearl
  • 1 celestial charm: gold-filled with cubic zirconia
  • 1 yard elastic
  • Makes 2 bracelets

Make waves by wearing this moon inspired bracelet! What better beads to use with this celestial charm than smooth round quartz crystal, reminiscent of a full moon. This kit comes with enough supplies to make two bracelets! One bracelet will feature a gold charm with a crescent moon and cubic zirconia stars. The other bracelet will feature a freshwater pearl and gold-filled spacer beads. P.S. – I wear mine with the Del Mar Bracelet!

Del Mar Bracelet

What comes in the box

  • 3 inches gold filled paperclip chain
  • 3 inches freshwater pearls
  • 1 toggle clasp
  • 10 inches beading wire
  • 4 crimp beads
  • 2 crimp bead covers
  • Makes 1 bracelet

I’m 100% sure that this 50/50 bracelet will never go out of style. How can you go wrong with a trendy gold filled paperclip chain? You can’t!

Especially when it has freshwater pearls attached to it.  How easy is it to wear everyday? The closure is a toggle….so… super easy.  I can wear mine to brunch with the girls, a wedding, date night, or even a business meeting! 

Newport Necklace

What comes in the box

  • 1 brass pendant
  • 3 inches faceted lapis beads
  • 10 inches striped Venetian glass beads
  • 10 inches blue Venetian glass beads
  • 1 fresh water pearl
  • 1 red “white heart”
  • 1 gold filled hook and eye clasp
  • 1 yard beading wire
  • 4 gold filled crimping beads
  • Makes 1 necklace

I don’t believe there’s a more perfect accessory to your blue jeans and white t-shirt than the Newport Necklace. This necklace kit includes faceted lapis beads, a fresh water pearl, striped venetian glass beads, and a truly unique tribal brass pendant. The addition of one red “white Heart” bead is literally the cherry on top!

Malibu Bracelet Stack

What comes in the box

    • 1 strand faceted turquoise beads
    • 1 abalone shell bead
    • 2 faceted silver beads
    • 1 yard elastic
    • 1 foot sterling silver wire
    • Makes 3 bracelets

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone with an opaque greenish-blue hue. It gives off tranquil, calming vibes with its water like qualities. These turquoise stones have been cut to create facets, or many flat sides on each bead to create a subtle sparkle. These will be the perfect accent to the abalone shell bracelet that makes up the third in our stack. This abalone shell bead is going to have hues of green, pink, grey, and purple. No doubt, you’ll wear this stack all summer and anytime you want to invoke the beauty and serenity of the sea!

Nantucket Necklace

What comes in the box

  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Gold plated spacer beads
  • Gold toggle clasp
  • Baroque pearl pendant
  • Beading wire
  • Crimping beads
  • Makes 1 Necklace

This necklace gives off a preppy vibe, but in a casual way. Perfect assessors for a day sail and a clam bake on the beach! Freshwater pearls accented with gold plated spacer beads are held together with a toggle clasp. Wearing the toggle in front is what makes this necklace so unique and unconventional, that’s why we hung the pendant from the clasp. Bon Voyage!

Pismo Hoop Earring

What comes in the box

  • Multi-colored, recycled vinyl beads
  • Gold filled beading hoops (earring)
  • Three tiered tassels
  • Makes 2 earrings

Fun, flirty, and festive! The April kit of the month includes up-cycled vinyl beads from Ghana that you can string onto 1.5″ gold hoop earrings. A three-tiered tassel divides the vinyl beads and hangs out below. That about sums up the Pismo Hoops!

Coronado Necklace

What comes in the box

  • Apatite faceted gemstones
  • Gold filled chain
  • Gold filled clasps
  • Gold filled wire
  • Makes 1 Necklace

The Coronado Necklace will be your daily go to jewelry piece. You will find it plays well with most of your other jewelry, and layering we know, is the best way to wear jewelry right now!  A row of Apatite gemstone beads are wired into the middle of a delicate gold filled chain. The Coronado Necklace rests right in the sweet spot of your decollotage!  This dainty gal can stand on her own, however, I like to pair mine with an 18″ string of pearls.

La Jolla Lariat Kit

What comes in the box

  • 9 fresh water pearls
  • 1.5 yards “faux”suede lace
  • 2 quartz crystal points
  • 1ft. Sterling silver wire
  • Makes 1 lariat

The La Jolla Lariat takes fresh water pearls out of their traditional comfort zone. Strung on “faux” leather lace that comfortably wraps around the neck or wrist, these pearls become casual and easy to wear everyday, all the while “keeping it classy”.

Venice Chain Kit

What comes in the box

  • Mask/glasses clips
  • Multi-colored glass “love” beads
  • Sterling silver bezelled gemstone connectors
  • Yard beading wire
  • Sterling silver Crimp beads
  • Makes 1 chain

Keep your facial covering or sunnies conveniently and stylishly around your neck. No more digging through the pit of despair, AKA your purse to find your mask or glasses, or even worse dropping either of them onto that public restroom floor. The Venice chain easily clips onto your fabric mask or the arms of your favorite pair of shades. The colorful assortment of czech glass beads known as “love” beads are sure to brighten your mood and go with just about any outfit!

The Wind and Sea Kit

What comes in the box

  • Recycled Ghana glass beads
  • African glass ring beads
  • Silver spacer beads
  • Ethically sourced white bone beads
  • Mini tassel
  • Elastic string
  • Makes 2 stretch bracelets

One of the best things about these African glass beads is that they are made from recycled glass bottles in Ghana, using a centuries old technique. We love the way they look and feel like treasure that washed up on the shore. Accented with silver and gold they take on a tribal elegance. Stack em up there’s enough for two in here!

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